About Kenia Eye Hospital

Kenia Eye Hospital, best multispeciality eye center for a complete eye care under one roof, established in 1998 an spread over 3500 sqft. in the heart of Mumbai. Pioneering center for microphaco CATARACT SURGERY and FEMTOSECOND BLADELESS LASIK..

ISO 9001 -2008 accredited eye hospital, also certified by FEQH -AMC for quality standards, set by quality control of India(QCI).

A blend of advance technology and specialized trained team to deliver at international par standards. Quality patient care and satisfaction is foremost at the hospital. Pioneer to bring several cutting edge technologies to the city with a aim to benefit the patient with the best of treatment at reasonable affordable cost.

The eye care hospital in Mumbai is led by Dr. Vaishal Kenia and his team. The team comprises of consultants of various subspecialities , qualified optometrist , technicians and personnel staff.


All eye related disorders like Cataract, Keratoconus, Glaucoma, Retinal problems, Squint (misaligned eyes), Oculoplasty (cosmetic eye problems), High eye numbers are treated.

The eye hospital is strategically located near the airport, and easily accessible on the main arterial road of Mumbai –S.V. road, at Milan subway in Santa Cruz, the western suburb of Mumbai.

Kenia eye hospital, one of the top eye hospitals in Mumbai has other facilities and services like pathology laboratory ECG facility pharmacy, optical outlet, credit card facility etc available, keeping in mind the patient comfort and convenience.

Destination for advance eye surgeries namely:

• “FULL-STOP “MICROPHACO” sub 2mm cataract surgery .

• Bladeless femtosecond laser lasik.

• DSEK – sutureless corneal transplant surgery (ENDOTHELIAL LAMELLAR TRANSPLANT).

• Non- penetrating glaucoma surgery.

• Corneal Collagen Cross Linking surgery (C3R) and corneal ring segment implantation (INTACS) for Keratoconus.

• BOTOX for cosmetic eye related problems.

• Horizontal and vertical squint corrective surgeries.

• complex retinal surgeries.

Kenia eye takes pride for being -

1) 1st in India

• OPD Scan III – pre lasik diagnostic equipment.
• First center to have a combined anterior and posterior spectral domain "OCT" (Optovue) for diagnosing retinal and corneal problems.
• First center to implant ENVISTA- Bausch Lomb hydrophobic foldable Intraocular lens implant..
• Ziemer Femtolaser assisted Corneal applications.

2) 1st in Mumbai & Maharashtra

Blade less Lasik with Ziemer FemtoSECOND laser.

Corneal Transplant Center -
Government of India recognized center for cornea transplant and cornea related procedures. Doing full thickness and partial thickness lamellar corneal transplant .first center in india to do femtosecond laser assisted corneal transplant .

Mission Statement

Our Vision
To be the best and reach the world to provide the best eye care services.

Our Mission
To enhance health and quality of life with advanced technologies by treating all eye problems under one roof.

Quality Policy

• To achieve leadership position in surgical and medical excellence by providing the most effective equipments, highly trained manpower.

• To maintain hygienic environment while meeting the needs and realistic expectations of patients.

• We commit to be an organization which :

1) Meets all the regulatory and obligatory requirements.
2) Promoters respect and protect patient’s right, responsibilities and education.
3) Adheres to the best medical, nursing infection control practices.
4) Encourage feedback to enhance patient’s satisfaction;
• Our priority is also to educate, inform, give good advice, and render good quality care Every incoming patient becomes member of Kenia eye family. They are treated with respect, dignity & care.
• We strive to maintain good long term relationship with our patients and our employees.
• To make all efforts to achieve 100% patient satisfaction by means of continual improvement in services.

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