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Kenia Eye Hospital is an ambitious project flourishing with a mission to confer further impetus to the community in the field of eye care. Based in the beautiful metropolitan city of Mumbai, India, it is a centre for advanced ophthalmic care. KEH family owes its road map to the Visionary and Founder, Dr. Vaishal P. Kenia, whose depth of intuition and spark of imagination brought up the KEH.

Serving as a super-specialty, and a tertiary care referral hospital, Kenia Eye Care Hospital provides for all your basic and advanced eye-care needs. Kenia aims to put forth a patient friendly environment with ample amenities. The safest and newest techniques have been suitably adapted to provide excellence in service.

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Dental Clinic in Mumbai: Kenia Eye Hospital

Featured Femto Lasik Surgery

All Laser Lasik - Bladeless Lasik

Bladeless Lasik - complete laser enabled procedure where bubbles are created with unmatched accuracy, precision, repeatability. Technology at its best enables the procedure to be simple, easy, safe and unmatched precision.


Blade free LASIK offers the peak of technologies for laser vision correction. Blade-free has allowed laser eye surgery to attain high levels of precision, ease and safeness for subjects. In blade-free Laser Eye Surgery, the corneal flap is produced by using a Femtosecond Laser in place of a Microkeratome (an oscillating blade) that is used in traditional Lasik surgery.

The reasons Blade Free (Femtosecond Laser) LASIK is superior to Blade (Microkeratome) LASIK are multiple:

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Dental Clinic in Mumbai: Kenia Eye Hospital