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Dr. Pallavi Kenia

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Dr. Pallavi Kenia initiated her career in 1997 at Jain health center, a charitable trust in Dadar, Mumbai. It gave her a platform to treat a large number of patients and a gamut of dental diseases. She was there for eight years during which she had treated more than lakh patients.

After gaining confidence and sharpening her skills, Kenia Dental Clinic was started with an aim to give the latest & the best treatment at a reasonable cost. Honest opinion and good quality work helped her to grow her practice. Slowly but surely her reputation in society and within the dental fraternity grew.

In a constant pursuit for excellence, she strived to stay abreast with the latest developments, techniques & technologies not just absorbing them, but putting them to good use.

Over the years, her competence, immediate application of leading technology, integrity and transparency have enabled her to grow, coming from a medical professional family and supportive husband. Backed by years of experience and good will she had fulfilled all that was expected from her by family, patients and colleagues.

Today Kenia dental clinic is equipped with specialized state of art devices such as complete automatic chair, lightcure machine, fiberoptic handpiece, flash autoclave, X -ray machine & developer. Kenia dental clinic being a multi specialty clinic is visited by sub-specialists to give advance dental treatment.

The smile is the center of our facial expression. A healthy attractive smile is important facet of life; it impacts your self esteem and overall well being. It is reflection of your inner spirit and natural beauty. If you are thinking of enhancing your smile and want to know about options available, please give us call today, you may be pleasantly surprised at the possibilities available for you.