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Story of a banker affected by Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus (HZO)

Covid pandemic has brought in lot of lifestyle changes. Lockdown indoors and mental stress have various impacts on the body. Incidence of certain disease have increased due to mental stress. HZO is one disease which is related to stress and lowered body immunity.

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Image Guided Cataract Surgery

The goal of cataract surgery with IOL implant is to help provide the best possible vision without glasses. Most people still require glasses for some or all activities. Sometimes calculations for the lens implant result in a strong prescription that is not tolerated by the patient.

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COVID-19 Pandemic and Conjunctivitis

A sixty-year-old lady family physician, with almost thirty plus years of private clinical practise in an elite suburb of Mumbai. A fitness freak, enjoying an active lifestyle, avid user of computers and mobile phone. Presented to Kenia Eye Hospital with gradual blurring of

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COVID-19 Pandemic and Conjunctivitis

The novel coronavirus named SARS-CoV-2which has caused the Pandemic causes a respiratory illness called COVID-19. The most common symptoms are fever, coughing, and respiratory distress in the form of breathing difficulty. It has also reported to affect the eye and can cause eye infections in the form of Viral conjunctivitis.

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The New Age of Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Surgery

The epoch to develop an intraocular lens which enables to see effortlessly at all distances, like the natural vision, has been reached. An advanced, Swiss Made IOL - Lucidis, paves the way to effortless vision at all distances. The Lucidis IOL is a new kind of intraocular lens which is grouped under EDOF IOLs....

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“Pink eye” or conjunctivitis is a common eye condition that ranges from mild to severe, acute to chronic and has a wide variety of causes. It can affect all age groups and is often misdiagnosed and mistreated. Fortunately, most conjunctivitis gets better on its own. Treatment can be helpful to reduce symptoms and sometimes...

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Simple ways to reduce computer eye strain

With most people staying close to home amid the coronavirus pandemic, we've put together a list of five easy ways to reduce digital eye strain caused from all that extra screen time. Between scrolling through your social media feed (thanks for reading!), bingeing a Netflix or amazon series and courageously battling through a...

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Prevent damage

Our bodies are wonderlands connected via different pathways and joints, functioning through various systems. A fault or glitch in any of these systems can cause related issues of the body and the mind. One of the most crucial part of the body that must be protected and taken care of is our eyes. Eyes are sensitive and critical to human experiences.

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Glaucoma Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Glaucoma is not a single condition that affects the eyes; instead it is a group of diseases that cause irreversible damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the connecting chord between the brain and eye, which is made up of about a million tiny nerve fibers. It is an important link between your brain and your ability to see and so, any....

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lasik laser eye surgery

LASIK surgery in Kenia Eye Hospital is one of the most sought after eye procedures among middle aged adults and older adults in the area because of the efficient and excellent results. LASIK requires an eye examination for every patient, ensuring that there are no existing conditions that could affect the outcome of the procedure.

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If you recently hit the big 40, you’re no stranger to the many age-related changes that affect your body as you get older. Of course, at this early stage, changes are rarely debilitating, but they are a gentle reminder that you’ll need to make some modifications in order to continue to enjoy the same activities that you did in your younger years.

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