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The Aberrometry test is part of the LASIK or Laser Eye Procedure checkup.

This test is also called “Wavefront Analysis” which is as unique as your fingerprint !

It aids the LASIK surgeon to plan a customized LASIK or laser eye procedure for you.

An instrument called the Aberrometer maps the errors in the optical system of the eye, which is linked to the laser before treatment. The wavefront analysis is customized for the individual and hence offers the most ideal treatment available for the patient from all currently known vision correction procedures. True “custom LASIK” procedures have to utilize this equipment in order to give you optimal results.

The Aberrometer captures wavefront analysis measurements through a dilated pupil to map all the aberrations. These maps are then used to generate a composite wavefront profile, which in turn guides the laser treatment profile and spot pattern.

Wavefront analysis-guided LASIK now makes it possible to treat a larger spectrum of patients.

The Nidek Excimer laser that we use at our centre, offers individuals who are not entirely satisfied with their outcome of earlier treatments such as radial keratotomy [RK], PRK or even LASIK on first generation excimer lasers, the benefit of a topography-linked procedure [mapping the irregular corneal surface and making it regular].

This procedure gives the best possible uncompromised vision.

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