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The innovative Verion machine is used during all stages of cataract removal and Intraocular Lens replacement procedures, planning the surgery; calculating the location of the incision; working out where the replacement lens will be placed; producing a digital overlay to minimise error margin, and collating feedback to assist the surgeon with future operations.

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Image : The VERION™ Reference Unit: Measures keratometry, pupillometry and other key pre-op parameters captures high-resolution diagnostic reference image of the patient’s eye. Auto-detects scleral vessels, limbus, pupil and iris features.

Plan : he VERION™ Reference Unit also enables surgeons to quickly and efficiently determine an optimised surgical plan

Multiple advanced IOL calculation formulas, including lens and power selection, Incision and implantation axis planning customized for each patient.

Guide : To help optimise incision and Intraocular Lens alignment, the VERION™ Digital Marker uses patient information and images from the VERION™ Reference Unit as a guide to provide accurate positioning

  • Features a tracking overlay that enables surgeons to see all incisions and alignment in real time.
  • Automatically accounts for cycloration. Eliminates the need for manual toric eye markings.
  • Automatically registers the patient for accurate centering and alignment of multifocal and toric IOLs.
  • Allows documentation of data to help optimize procedures over time.

This innovative technology brings a completely different light to cataract surgery where optimal final results are accomplished by adding optimal results in every step of the procedure.

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