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Introducing for the 1st Time in Mumbai, Maharashtra and in Western India, the most advanced femtosecond laser, FEMTO Z8 NEO, Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG, Switzerland. Advanced femtolaser one of its kind capable of doing laser corneal transplants, laser cataract surgery, laser vision correction and laser keratoconus ring surgery.

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG has been the pioneer in low energy femtosecond laser and Kenia Eye Hospital has been using the 1st generation classic Ziemer femtosecond laser, since 2010, which was the 1st machine in Asia to do laser corneal transplants and 1st in Mumbai and Maharashtra to do Laser vision correction.

Millions of eyes worldwide have been benefitted with this unique patented CE approved femtosecond laser which is capable of doing multiple eye laser surgeries. The design of the Ziemer Z8 NEO is unique and robust solid-state laser which is mobile and can be used across multiple eye hospitals.

Kenia Eye Hospital is yet again delighted to associate with Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG to unveil its most advanced, premium cutting-edge femtosecond laser technology- the FEMTO Z8 NEO.

As the word NEO has been added to the Femtosecond laser Z series of Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems it unveils, NEO CLEAR technology the femtolaser corneal lenticule extraction advanced refractive surgery for perfect CLEAR vision.

ALL LASER VISION correction which is not only bladeless, flapless, thru just 2mm incision. NEO CLEAR technology of CORNEAL LENTICULE EXTRACTION is minimal invasive, lesser dryness for perfect CLEAR vision.

The NEO laser has a very advanced stable laser head to deliver a more robust, accurate customised laser treatment profile.

NEO CLEAR – a propriety customised lenticular laser scan pattern with low pulse energy per pulse in 2 to 4 nanojoules, overlapping pulses impart excellent surface quality and super vision.

NEO CLEAR is giving a more accurate treatment as it has automated cyclotorsion compensation and treatment on visual axis decreasing visual aberration and distortions.

Here are some key features of the FEMTO Z8 NEO:

  1. Precision: The instrument's advanced technology enables precise incisions, ensuring minimal tissue damage and faster recovery times for patients.
  2. Control: With its intuitive interface and ergonomic design, surgeons have complete control over every movement, allowing for delicate manoeuvres in even the most complex procedures.
  3. Efficiency: The FEMTO Z8 NEO streamlines surgical workflows by automating certain tasks, reducing procedure time and enabling surgeons to perform more surgeries in a day.
  4. Visual Axis centration and automatic cyclotorsion: Compensation make the laser vision correction by lenticule extraction more precise.
  5. SMALL, COMPACT & MOBILE: For enhanced mobility for workflow & mobility to do surgeries at different eye hospitals.
  6. Low Energy Concept: Low laser energy per pulse in nanojoules enables faster visual recovery as minimal energy dispensed and minimal stress to surrounding tissue.
  7. Ultra-precise laser delivery system: Due to close working distance and small precise <2 microns laser overlapping bubbles.
  8. Online OCT: To give a live precise picture of the placement of laser surgical incisions.

The FEMTO Z8 NEO exemplifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower surgeons to deliver excellent care to their patients. We are proud to also house India’s 1st artificial intelligence enabled refractive surgical diagnostic tool – integrated Pentacam HR- CORVIS, thus making Kenia Eye Hospital a very niche eye hospital in the world to house the most advanced diagnostic and laser surgical tools to deliver the best in eye care.

Experience the future of laser eye surgery with the FEMTO Z8 NEO – where precision meets innovation!

Kenia Eye Hospital