The New Age of Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Surgery
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The New Age of Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Surgery

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The epoch to develop an intraocular lens which enables to see effortlessly at all distances, like the natural vision, has been reached.

An advanced, Swiss Made IOL - Lucidis, paves the way to effortless vision at all distances. The Lucidis IOL is a new kind of intraocular lens which is grouped under EDOF IOLs (Extended Depth of Focus).

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In general, EDOF Intraocular Lens have been evolvingand are very promising for cataract surgery. Over the last five years different EDOF designs have become available on the market, from diffractive ring EDOF IOLs to ones without rings called non diffractive aspheric EDOF IOLs.To date, these EDOF IOLs have had the advantage over multifocal Intra lenses because they have better night-time/low light vision and almost no halos or glare.

EDOF IOLshave become popular because patients are provided with high-quality, visual comfort without the annoying side-affects like halos and glare that are seen often with multifocal lenses.Previous IOLs were very good for distance and intermediate vision, at arm’s length, but near vision required some support with glasses with very low power of 1-1.5 D.

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Lucidis was launched in 2016 by SAV-IOL, a Swiss intraocular lens manufacturer, with a revolutionary technology which was able to give good near vision while also providing good distance and intermediate vision. The Lucidis IOL is built around an aspheric surface, avoiding diffractive rings. The absence of the diffractive rings provides the lens with a bonus, no nighttimehalos, glare, or scattering of light.

The Lucidis IOL isvery close to what we would consider, “the ideal lens”, which eye doctors are looking for, for their patients.

In addition, SAV-IOL pitched this lens at a very affordable rate so that it could be within reach of almost all patients. The cost of the lens is similar to a premium monofocal lens; needless to say,it has become very popular amongst eye doctors.

Dr. Vaishal Kenia isvery fortunate to imbibe this technology at a very early stage in India and currently have the largest experience with the LucidisIOL in the Indian market. He is the first surgeon in India to implant the LucidisToric IOL, another milestone as now it is used for patients having large astigmatism (cylindrical power) beyond 1D.

The LucidisIOL is made up of hydrophilic acrylic material with an aspheric/refractive surface:

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The LucidisIOL is an EDOF lens with a patented technology called Instant Focus which consists of a Pseudo-Nondiffracting Beam (PNDB). This technology enables to extend the depth of focus characterized by a constant resolution and peak of light intensity providing the patient with a high quality, continuous vision.

Lucidis is a promising lens which is affordable and serves all the visual needs of the patients and unlike multifocal lenses, it does not have night-time problems of halos and glare.