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Blurry vision & Pregnancy. What's the connection?

Pregnant women are expected to experience some common discomforts during those nine months. Some major struggles include morning sickness, backache, bladder issues, indigestion, dealing with fatigue and much more.

With these major changes occurring to the body, people usually overlook at the most slightest change - The Eye.

Pregnancy has some effects on the vision. Pregnant women mostly experience blurry vision during pregnancy. This is most common yet unheard vision changes faced after pregnancy.

Is this condition worrisome?

Let's have a look at some common causes of blurry vision, what you can do and also, what situations you can avoid during the pregnancy.

Causes of Blurry Vision in Pregnancy.

It goes without saying that your body goes under many physical changes, you can blame it on hormones. Mood swings, morning sickness and food aversions are few of them. In the similar way, the blurry vision during pregnancy has a direct connection with changing hormones too

Allow us to explain you the theory of blurry vision during pregnancy. Due to fluctuating hormones, the fluid that accumulates in the eye increases pressure in your eye ball and makes your cornea thicker. The thickness of cornea results in blurry vision.

Blurry vision in pregnancy isn't such an issue. It isn't considered to be anything serious. You need to follow few instructions and take precautions for your eyes.

What situations to avoid during pregnancy.

• No Lasik Surgery

Pregnancy is certainly not the right time for Lasik treatment or any eye surgery unless it is extremely important. Laser vision correction involves reshaping the cornea but also at the same time, it is exactly what is not stable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

• Avoid contact lenses

Due to the change of shape of cornea, the lenses might not fit properly. This probably will worsen blurriness. You can switch to eye glasses for the period of time. Also, do not get your number changed just for the blurry vision.

• Let your eyes rest

Take frequent breaks from working time to time so that your eyes can rest. Practice blinking and make sure you have adequate amount of sleep for your eyes to be healthy.

• Use eye drops

Follow this step only after your doctor suggest you so. Use eye drops as per their guidelines. Eye drops help you increase moisture in your eyes that can possibly correct blurriness.

Contact Kenia Eye Hospital

Even though blurry vision during pregnancy is common and nothing serious, vision problems must be communicated to your eye doctor.

Book an appointment with Kenia Eye Hospital if you feel any slight vision issue. Pink eye is another issue that is common for pregnant women. Contact us if you continue to experience any of the above symptoms.