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Dry Eyes can be the reason your eyes can't focus

Dry eyes can cause you a lot of trouble viewing clearly. Even after consultation with optometrists and having correct prescribed lenses and vision. What can be the reason for dry eyes? How to treat your dry eyes problem.

When you have dry eyes your eyes can't focus and the vision becomes blurry. While working for long hours on the computer or your mobile phone screen reduces the rate of blinking significantly, causing the protective tear film that covers the eye to evaporate faster.

What are dry eyes?

With the increasing usage of digital screens, increasing cases of dry eyes is no surprise. Dry eyes occur when tears don't provide sufficient lubrication to the eye or are of poor quality.

Dry eyes can be caused by infrequent blinking, hot and dry air, certain medical conditions, medications. Age also can be a factor because tear production decreases with age and long-term use of contact lenses can also cause dry eyes.

Symptoms of dry eyes:

1) A stinging, burning, or scratchy eyes.

2) Sensitivity to light.

3) Eye Redness.

4) A sensation of having something in your eyes.

5) Blurred vision.

6) Difficulty wearing contact lenses.

When to see a doctor?

When the symptoms or signs for a long time and eyes are red and irritated, tired or painful.

Prevention of dry eyes:

1) Avoid direct air blowing in your eyes.

2) Consider wearing wraparound sunglasses or protective eyewear.

3) Take eye breaks between long tasks.

4) Position your computer below your eye level.

5) Stop smoking and avoid smoke.