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Can Cataract Surgery work after Lasik Surgery?

Some of the patients, who have been under the laser for Lasik surgery, complain that they have clouded vision that is Cataracts.

This indeed gives rise to several questions. One of them is "Can cataract be treated after Lasik Surgery?"

To which we would like to answer: 'Yes'

It is affirmative that your eyes can cured from Cataract after the Lasik Surgery. In order to understand the grounds of this matter, let's go deeper into the subject.

Cataract after Lasik Surgery

Yes, it is common to hear about people facing Cataracts after the Lasik surgery or any refractive laser vision correction, this includes - PRK, Lasik & Femtolasik.

This is not only green light for the surgery after Lasik but also, it means, Lasik after Cataract surgery is possible too. But talking about the first scenario, it is possible as the procedure is performed on the cornea. The cornea is reshaped with the help of the laser so that it refracts light rays to majorly focus on retina.

Cataract is performed on the eye's natural lens underneath the eye. When cataract forms, the lens becomes cloudy and hence, during the surgery, that clouded lens is replaced by artificial lens. This way light passes through the lens for the person to see more clearly.

Best Cataract Lens after Lasik Surgery

It is difficult to select an artificial lens if your eyes have been laser corrected previously. Different techniques are used to select the most precise lens for your eyes; also, the accuracy varies from patient to patient. For the most accurate selection, multiple tests are performed to find the perfect lens.

If your cataract surgeon has complete reports of your vision prior to the Lasik surgery, it becomes a plus point for selection of IOL and it makes the process quicker and more precise.

Fortunately, the right Lasik surgeon should be able to identify the correct power for the IOL.

You can trust Kenia Eye Hospital with the treatment by determining the right lens for your eyes.

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