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Femto-Lasik is the latest laser technology intended for people who have thin cornea’s. Femto-Lasik, or Z-Lasik, is the advanced laser treatment used to treat refractive errors.

Earlier–with the older laser-techniques–laser eye surgery started first on the surface of the cornea, and thereafter went deeper via a flap made in the cornea. In this older technique, the flap would be made by hand, with a scalpel.

With Femto-Lasik laser eye surgery, we make the flap in the cornea with the laser: the Femto-Second. The Lasik procedure is now even safer; there are much fewer risks of complications during the procedure and the flaps are much thinner. This offers a better chance of greater stability to the cornea over time.

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Bladeless Lasik - complete laser enabled procedure where bubbles are created with unmatched accuracy, precision, repeatability. Technology at its best enables the procedure to be simple, easy, safe and unmatched precision.


Blade free LASIK offers the peak of technologies for laser vision correction. Blade-free has allowed laser eye surgery to attain high levels of precision, ease and safeness for subjects. In blade-free Laser Eye Surgery, the corneal flap is produced by using a Femtosecond Laser in place of a Microkeratome (an oscillating blade) that is used in traditional Lasik surgery.


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Blade-free LASIK creates a flawless flap on every occasion; this doesn't happen when using a Microkeratome. A Microkeratome can sometimes bring about a 'button hole' flap that fails to allow treatment to carry on and also creates a danger of scarring the cornea. Working with a Femtosecond Laser all but does away with this danger. A perfect flap means greater vision.

The slimmer flaps that a Femtosecond Laser produces are safer in the long run compared to blade flaps as the cornea post op has greater stability as it's wider. This minimizes the risk of a unwanted effect called Ectasia, where the cornea can bulge forward after a period of time, sometimes needing a corneal transplant to fix.

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Blade free (Femtosecond Laser) Laser Vision Correction always outperforms blade (Microkeratome) lasers in medical tests investigating visual quality. The flap profile and level of smoothness is far more advanced, giving vision as good as or better than their eyeglasses. A flap produced by means of a blade is finer on the outside and thicker on the inside, this kind of unevenness could blur vision. A Femtosecond laser (blade free) produced flap is a reliable thickness across its total diameter, minimizing the likelihood of micro-wrinkles, the ideal flap profile presenting the best feasible vision in Laser Vision Correction.

Blade free (Femtosecond Laser) LASIK allows the placement of the flap to be produced perfectly, something that's impossible with a blade. The ophthalmologist provides a virtual image of the flap placement superimposed over the affected individual's cornea and prior to creating it he can adjust and improve the flap position so it is correctly centered each and every time. This gives superior vision and safeness.

A Laser flap is made with a vertical side slice, which is once again something not achievable with a blade or Microkeratome flap. This immensely reduces the possibility of a problem called epithelial ingrowth, where the surface tissue of the cornea become seeded beneath the flap. This also facilitates a superior flap profile as the flap slides back downward similar to a miniature manhole cover. Laser Vision Correction has evolved in an exciting new direction together with the introduction of blade-free femtosecond laser flaps; it is finally delivering on the promise of the safest and most exacting procedure possible.


  • The bubble over lap is good due to dual scan (slow + fast scan). So no flap adhesive and smooth flap lift.
  • Less intense energy to the tissue - less inflammation - fast recovery.
  • Making the results with Ziemer for superior than any other femosecond laser presently available in the market.


Compared to other Bladeless LASIK procedures based on older femtolaser technology, Z-Lasik offers many advantages that lead to better results :

  • Z-Lasik has an extremely low impact on the eye : The procedure takes only a few minutes per eye. The time the laser is in contact with the patients eye is reduced to a minimum.
  • Z-Lasik is comfortable and painless : The patient's head is not fixed during the procedure.
  • Z-Lasik also helps in severe cases : Thanks to the extremely high frequency of the laser pulses, the layers of the cornea are separated with unprecedented precision, creating an ultra-thin flap. Z-Lasik is therefore effective in patients who were previously not candidates for laser surgery. This includes patients with extreme myopia or thin corneas.
  • No inflammation : The laser energy used for Z-Lasik is about a 100 times less powerful than with other laser procedures. This is gentler to the corneal tissue and prevents temporary inflammatory reactions of the eye.
  • Fast result : The recovery period is considerably shorter than for other techniques. Patients are usually able to see well within a few hours.

Fewer side effects: Z-Lasik enables the surgeon to enlarge the treatment zone. This reduces the risk of undesirable side effects such as dry eyes, deteriorated night vision or haloes (rings of light that surround point sources of light).

  • Safety - no blade means a far safer treatment; eliminating the risk of certain complications that could occur with using a blade.
  • Strength - the LDV laser makes a very consistent thin flap leaving your cornea significantly stronger compared to a flap made by a mechanical blade. The mechanical devices tend to cut deeper and with significantly less accuracy than the new laser flap makers.
  • Accuracy - after using the LDV laser and folding the flap to the side, the corneal surface is very smooth and dry. This means your LASIK treatment will be more accurate and so giving you better vision.

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