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Do's & Don'ts after a Lasik Surgery

Busting the most common misconception about Lasik surgery that is painful. Kenia Eye Hospital performs Bladeless Lasik Surgery resulting in no pain, also it is safe and promises quick recovery.

You can also opt for implantable contact lenses(ICL). But since we are talking about Lasik Surgery, there are important things to remember post-surgery. Some specific dos and don'ts should undoubtedly be followed.

The Do's After the Lasik Surgery

Kenia Eye Hospital

1. Follow your surgeon's instructions.

Your surgeon will advise you with some guided instructions before and after the Lasik surgery. Make sure you follow all the instructions as mentioned by your eye doctor for a speedy recovery. Their guidelines would help the eye to heal faster.

2. Use medications and prescriptions.

After the surgery, you will be asked to take medications and also eye drops. Take them correctly at the right time as they are prescribed by the doctor. Consult your doctor before you discontinue the medicines. Ensure if you have taken the prescribed medicines timely and if there is a need to continue it.

3. Take time to rest your eyes.

Give your eyes all the time it needs to heal from the surgery. You might feel energetic even after the surgery, but don't risk the eyes, rest them for better and safer results.

4. Use UV protective sunglasses.

Avoid a bright light environment, be it indoors or outdoors. Instead, use UV protective eyeglasses and cover your sensitive eyes after the surgery. Wait until the eyes are completely healed to view the surrounding without the protective glasses.

5. Attend all the follow-up appointments with your eye surgeon.

Your eye surgeon will make sure you are not facing any issues after the surgery. These follow-ups monitor the healing process. It is very common you need to visit the clinic for follow-up appointments for the next 3-4 weeks.

The Don'ts After the Lasik Surgery

1. Avoid playing sports or exercise.

It depends on what exercise or sports you practice, but it is advisable to skip any activity for a few weeks or a month. Avoid taking any risk at this moment. You can get back into action only when your eye doctor shows a thumbs up after monitoring your healing progress.

2. Don't wear eye makeup.

Your surgeon would advise you to avoid wearing eye makeup for a week or more. Kindly give your eyes some needful rest.

3. Avoid showers.

Hot showers and steam are not at all good for your eyes. You can take baths but avoid taking showers for some time. Make sure the water doesn't go into your eyes for the first week post-surgery. Gently dab a washcloth around your eyes to remove the water if needed.

4. Avoid reading.

Avoid any type of reading that includes print media, magazines, novels that have small prints that can hurt your eyes. You squeeze your eyes to focus on the small words that in fact, causes strain to your eyes.

5. Keep all electronic devices away from your eyes.

Stay off of the computer, phones and all electronic devices for the next 24-48 hours after the surgery. You will feel strain in your eyes and dry out because of the video screens. Until your eyes are fully healed, use eye drops as prescribed by the doctor.

Additional points to note after the Lasik surgery -

• Always avoid rubbing your eyes. Instead, use lubricating drops when they feel irritated.

• Do not drive (even if only one eye has been treated).

• Avoid staring without lubricating the eyes.

• Avoid alcohol consumption.

• Start working only after your doctor suggests so.

• Avoid swimming.

• Working in a dusty environment is risky. Wear protective eyewear or UV sunglasses if you are stuck in such a situation where your eyes are at high risk.

Follow the mentioned points and take care of your eyes during the whole process of Lasik Surgery.

Many patients have trusted Kenia Eye Hospital with eye-care treatments and we have always proven to be the right solution for eye problems.

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