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Why is MICS preferred than a laser cataract surgery?

A Laser Cataract Surgery

Kenia Eye Hospital

Another name for Refractive Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (ReLACS) uses femtosecond laser technology to upgrade the level of certain steps in cataract surgery that had been performed traditionally with surgical tools.

This advanced type of cataract surgery includes three steps that are -

1. The corneal incision.

2. The anterior capsulotomy.

3. Lens and cataract fragmentation.

Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery (MICS)

Whereas Micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS) has been considered to be a less traumatic surgery that provides better results than the small incision phacoemulsification.

The long-term stability of these outcomes and surgical capacity makes MICS the most adequate and correct modern approach to cataract surgery.

A study has proved that MICS improves safety and treatment and reduces the trauma for the patients suffering from cataracts.

Also, the smaller incision promises faster recovery and less disruption of tissue.

Kenia Eye Hospital

Reasons why MICS is comparatively preferable.

• Faster healing due to smaller incisions. This plays an advantage for diabetic patients and elders.

• As the incision is smaller, there is less chance of surgically induced astigmatism. This decreases the need for glasses after surgery.

• Faster vision recovery.

• Compatible with all existing phacoemulsification platforms, and premium IOLs, thus investment in this technology is comparatively less and results in better vision every time.

• Due to better fluidics and use of less phaco energy, this is proven to be the best technique for patients with corneal compromise and zonular weakness

• No need for injections, stitches, or bandages. In fact, the patient needs to visit only for few follow-ups as it recovers faster and he can resume his usual daily schedule quickly as possible.

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