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Easy Exercises to Relax Your Eyes

How often do you close your eyes and feel it relaxed for a bit? Still remembering the last time it happened? You probably work for many hours staring at computer screens daily, this can obviously take a toll on your eyes and invite harmful light.

It is important to give your eyes rest once in a while by taking breaks from the screens. The best way is to shut your eyes and keep it away from light and enjoy the calmness. This allows your optic nerve to rest. This also helps in relaxing your entire body. The eye exercises are suggested to be performed daily for the better vision.

Eye Massage

Use your fingers and move it gently across the eyelids, the muscle above the eyebrow, your under-eyes, and temples, massaging the areas softly to experience calmness. Household products like olive oil or aloe vera gel are used for smoother massage therapy.


An excellent and effective way of relaxing your eye muscle is palming. Put your palms together and rub it vigorously till they are warm. Later, cup the palm over your close eyes. Practice this daily for five-minutes throughout the day.


Another way to improve your eye health is sunning. Stand in front of the window or a place where you can receive ample amount of natural sunlight. Close your eyelids and allow the gently touch your face and your closed eyes. This can help the retina release dopamine that leads to healthy eye development.

Warm & cold water compresses

Relax your eye muscles and strained eyes with these warm and cold compresses. Dip a soft cloth into warm or cold water and place it over your eyelids. Make sure the cloth used is clean. To relax your eye muscles, warm compresses are preferred, whereas, to reduce the puffiness around your eyes, go for cold water.

Cover the eyes

Make sure your eyes are covered when you are travelling under the sun. Make sure the light is blocked and your eyes are safe. Cover the eyes with mask under the sun. While at home, lay down in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and enjoy the blackness.

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