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Ways to take good care for your eyes in winter

Winter is the perfect time for curling up in bed with a good book, spending quality time with the ones we love and enjoying the cool breezy weather, until it sticks on your eye and gives you dry eyes.

Besides with the preparation for the season with warm clothes, skincare products and more, one shouldn't forget to take good care of their eyes as dry air and sun glare can take a toll on your eyes.

You might get winter holidays but your eye care shouldn’t be on a holiday. Prioritize your eye health irrespective of the weather and season because eye care never goes out of season.

Let's go through some easy yet effective winter eye care tips that can help your eyes this winter without getting dry.

Ways to take good care for your eyes in winter

1. Take Care of Dry Eyes in Winter.

As said earlier, dryness of the air can be a concerned subject in winter. This problem can reach certain heights due to the high temperature that people chose to set indoors. So, for ensuring the moisture in your eyes doesn't fade away, turn down the heat to mild temperature. That being said, distance yourself from heaters and radiators.

This can worsen if you read or use phonic devices or computer. These gadgets receive your visual attention and make you blink less. One easiest way is to blink more so that your eyes produce enough tears and moisture.

If dry eyes still stand as a major problem this winter, choose artificial tears that are prescribed by your eye doctor.

2. Regulate Your Diet

You can't expect good health without the right nutrition. Your eyes deserves the fuel that makes them run smoothly and seamlessly without glitches, and by fuel, we mean the proper food nutrition and diet plan.

A perfect diet plan plays an important role in the visual functions and elements. How to regulate your diet? Add omega-3 based foods that help retain moisture in your eyes. Making such foods a part of your diet during winter will offer your eyes much needed moisture and lubrication.

Moreover, with the correct diet plan, make sure you keep yourself hydrated daily. Experts have suggested drinking 8 glasses of water daily to provide your eyes enough moisture.

3. Outdoor Eye Care

Surprisingly, people don't usually care for their eye care. As we talked about the step to be taken whie you're indoors, let's now have a look at some eye care tips for outdoors.

Your eyes are quite vulnerable and delicate when the winter starts, and hence, it is always recommended to use sunglasses that help you protect yourself from UV rays emission. Winter season doesn't mean less sunny days and less UV rays. These rays become exceptionally harmful as the snow reflects the rays back making them even more dangerous for the eyes.

Don't forget to wear sunglasses or protective eyewear, even though you are taking a short trip to your nearest loyal store or driving somewhere far.

4. Eye Hygiene

Other than the eye care tips we mentioned above, it's important to focus on your eye hygiene no matter what season or day it is. Keep your eyes clean by washing them tidily, wipe off the makeup perfectly so that it doesn't invite germs to mess up with your eyes and avoid sharing your makeup products with anyone as you may be welcoming an eye infection if you do so. Stop rubbing your eyes and prevent them from harmful bacteria or virus.

Take extra care this winter. Keep a safe distance from electronic devices and follow the 20:20:20 rule all year.

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However, even after following all the eye care tips, if you happen to come across dry eyes, immediately book an appointment for an eye exam. Get your eyes examined so that our doctors can recommend the best solution for you.

Contact us and book an appointment soon before the winter starts