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Eye Injuries and when to see a doctor

Eye injuries occur due to accidents or any foreign objects entering your eyes. Sometimes these injuries can be dangerous, eye injuries can result in swelling, redness, or even pain. Some people also see some abnormal symptoms like flashes of light or changes in vision. Serious injuries can lead to permanent problems like vision loss.

Types of eye injuries:

Chemical burns and exposures:- There are many ways in which a chemical burn or exposure can occur. Some chemicals won't damage your eyes severely, but alkali's or acidic substances can affect them severely.

Corneal abrasions:- Corneal abrasions is traumatic defects or scratch on the surface of the cornea.

Traumatic iritis:- This is the same as corneal abrasions, it is inflammation of the iris. It happens due to a blunt blow to your eye.

Orbital blowout fractures and hyphemas:- Such injuries occur after a severe hit from blunt objects to the eye and its surrounding areas.

Penetrating injuries:- This type of injury is mainly seen in children or adults after the accident.

How can you take care of eye injuries:

1) If it is some small particle or sand:

● Use eyewash or running tap water to wash cleanse your eyes.

● Blink your eyes, several times.

2) If you get hit in your eye:

● Reduce swelling and pain with cold compression.

● Contact the opthalmologist if pain increases or have any disturbance in vision.

3) If your eyes get punctured or cut:

● Place a shield over your eye.

● Do not rinse with water.

● Get emergency help immediately.

4) Chemical burns in the eye:

● Rinse your eyes with clean water.

● Get medical attention immediately.

When should you seek medical help?

We recommend you should immediately seek medical help when you feel pain, redness, or swelling in your eyes. Especially when you are hit in the eye or punctured or some foreign object entered your eye. Some injuries will cause serious damage and lead to permanent blindness.

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