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How is PRK different from Lasik?

What is PRK?

PRK stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy. Even though the main purpose of PRK matches with Lasik, the procedures are a bit different. PRK too aims at helping patients live a life glasses-free. Patients who suffer from myopia, hyperopia and high levels of astigmatism, can go for PRK surgery. The procedure of PRK takes less time as compared to Lasik as a part is entirely skipped where the flap on the cornea is made.


In both the procedures, you will be given eye drops before the surgery so that your eyes don't feel a thing. What sets both the surgeries apart is - during PRK procedure, the outer thin layer of the cornea is removed by the surgeon. Initially, the layer was manually brushed off by a brush but as we step closer to technology, it is now removed by a laser. While during the Lasik surgery, your surgeon would make a hinged flap on surface of the cornea with the help of a laser.

PRK surgery regenerates and repairs the removed layer when it is recovering while the doctor need to realign the outer layer after the Lasik treatment is completed.

Sure the outcome and result are same but the process and recovery of the two procedures is a bit different. Now that we know about the process, let's learn about the recovery and the healing time of both the procedures.


As said earlier, the removed layer regenerates and heals itself after the PRK treatment. The patient is then provided with a bandage that is removed after few days. It is likely that the patient might experience blurriness, irritation or sensitivity to light for few days but it does get better as it heals. The vision slowly gets better and full recovery can take a month.

Talking about Lasik, it takes few hours of recovery and one can resume work from the next day.


When PRK uses only one laser to brush off the outer layer of cornea, Lasik uses two different lasers, one to create the flap and second to reshape the cornea after the treatment, the expense rate is quite different. Consult your eye doctor for the financing options.

What is better for you?

Though both the procedures have its own pros and cons, it is better you seek advice from your doctor to know which suits you the best.

For PRK -

  1. No risk of complications with the flap of cornea
  2. Works best for the people with thinner cornea
  3. Affects the strength of the cornea

Lasik -

  1. Quick Recovery
  2. Instant vision improvement
  3. No risk of infection
  4. No bandages required
  5. Less medication

Still confused? You don't have to anymore! Call us and get your eyes checked with Kenia Eye Hospital. We will guide you with the most suitable procedure that is best for your eyes, keeping your work pattern into consideration.