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How long does Lasik last?

This is one of the most frequently questions by the patients undergoing the surgery. Is it permanent or temporary solution for glasses? Do we have to perform it again in some years? Will it fade away?

If you are going under the laser, this would be your ideal question if it could last forever. We need permanent solutions to our problems and although Lasik is considered a permanent vision correction solution, there are some specific factors that contribute such as age and vision changes.

Keep reading to get all your answers to your questions.

How long does Lasik last?

Before we answer this, let's look around the long term and short term results.

You start experience immediate results after the surgery. Your eyes seem to adapt the change within 4-5 hours post surgery. In fact, you can resume your work if you let your eyes completely rest for a day or two.

For a long term results, some might see some blurriness return as the time goes on. This is highly due to the age factor but of course it can be corrected.

Luckily, you can still see the effects of Lasik forever. Depending on age and other factors, the effects of the surgery may vary. Some might still need to have enhancement after 10 years.

So, does it mean that Lasik can fade away?

This is clearly a myth that Lasik would 'fade' away. Lasik is a permanent solution to get rid of your glasses; hence, fading away is absolutely wrong. However, other eye conditions that cause harm to your vision can make the effects of procedure less effective.

Eye conditions like, cataracts, can have an impact of Lasik treatment. While it is believed that Lasik surgery prevents cataract, many people still develop it.

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Kenia Eye Hospital aims at serving your eyes and giving it the best what your eyes need. If you begin to notice any change in your Lasik results, we suggest you to get your eyes checked for enhancement surgery. This usually happens if the surgery has completed 10 years or more.

Some might need other corrections, rather than Lasik. Visit us to guide you and your eyes in the best way possible.