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New Procedures for Eye Check-Up during Covid-19

It is completely understandable if you feel nervous and doubts if you should visit an ophthalmologist in this Covid-19 situation. By taking correct measures and precautions and following the new guidelines, you can still visit an eye care clinic and get your eyes checked.

Even if you have been vaccinated or recovered from the virus, you are still entitled to follow the guidelines.

New Procedures for Eye Check-Up during Covid-19

Kenia Eye Hospital

While some clinics have already started offering "virtual" clinics over phones or through video calls in this difficult situation, some might have started taking up in-person appointments as well.

Furthermore, you can expect some changes in the procedures for the eye check-up. The clinic and staff would take the following measures to protect your health from COVID.

Wear A Mask

This goes without saying that wearing a mask has become the new normal. Don't forget your mask when walking into your appointment. Keep wearing a mask until you are instructed to do the otherwise.

Added a HEPA Filter

The outbreak of Covid-19 has made the health department think critically about indoor air quality and the approaches to remove and disinfect pathogenic organisms from the environment. To enhance the performance and health of the patients, all the clinics have added HEPA air filters according to the CDC guidelines.


The patient is instructed to wait outside instead in the waiting room to restrict more people in the room and follow the social distancing norms as well. The clinic would also ask fewer people to join the appointment. If you don't need any supporting person to be there with you during the check-up, then it is advised to come alone at the appointment. While entering, your temperature would be checked and then you are allowed to enter the clinic.

During Checkup

The eye doctor would wear a plastic breath shield while checking your eyes. They would also wear a mask, gloves, goggles including the breath shield over their face. A safe social distance would be maintained between the patient and the doctor.

If/when you feel like coughing or sneezing during the check-up, make sure you move back, cover your mouth with a tissue, or bury it under the crook of your arm. Don't forget to wash your hands with soap right away.

Precautions to be followed before you walk into the clinic.

• If you feel the Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, cold, then you must postpone the appointment and stay at home. Call your doctor and inform them about your condition.

• Also, if you realize you have been in close contact with a person with these symptoms, you must postpone visiting your eye doctor.

• Although if it is an emergency that cannot wait, you will be consulted by the doctor with an additional set of protective equipment.

If you have any questions regarding your eye or the check-up procedure, talk to your ophthalmologist right away.