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How Safe Is Lasik Surgery in Covid-19 ?

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What is a Lasik Surgery ?

Lasik surgery is performed to solve vision problems. It is said to be an alternate solution to contact lenses and glasses.

In this surgery, the cornea is reshaped with the help of a special type of cutting laser to improve vision.

How does Covid-19 affect your eyes ?

The chances one can be affected through the eyes are very high. It has come to notice that, the virus can be spread through the eyes just as it can be spread through the mouth and nose.

The virus particles can enter someone's body through eyes and this is how - touching tears of an affected person or touching your own eyes that have the virus on it.

One major thing to notice is pink eyes. This happens when virus particles transmission through the conjunctiva (the inner surface of the eyelids) which causes conjunctivitis. If you notice a pink eye infection, consult your ophthalmologist and follow their instructions.

Kenia Eye Hospital

How to prepare for Lasik Surgery in Covid-19 ?

Take the following measures before your Lasik Surgery in this Covid-19 situation.

• Find a skilled and experienced surgeon who performs the surgery with the highest level of safety and care.

• Get yourself tested before the surgery. Both the surgeon and the patient must be tested.

• You can also get vaccinated for COVID-19 if you are eligible.

• Before entering the center, check your body temperature and other symptoms as well. If a you seemed to be diagnosed with any of the symptoms, the surgery should be immediately postponed.

• Social distancing and hand hygiene should be maintained. one should wear mask and washed clothes should be highly preferred.

• You should not go with an empty stomach for surgery.

How safe is the surgery in Covid-19 ?

As Lasik does not cause any life-threatening disease, it is safe to say it comes under elective therapy. Compared to other surgeries, Covid-19 cannot spread through the surgery as it promises the social distance between the surgeon and the patients. According to our research, if the surgeons and the patient follow all the Covid-19 protocols and have an access to the personal protective equipment, it is safe to perform the surgery.

If compared to contact lenses, after the surgery, you won’t feel the need to touch your eyes as much as you do with contact lenses. In other words, LASIK will give you improved vision better than the contact lenses, and not to forget the surgery is a slightly safer option in these times of the virus.