Here’s how to prevent damage and protect vision for those with Diabetes
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Here’s how to prevent damage and protect vision for those with Diabetes

Our bodies are wonderlands connected via different pathways and joints, functioning through various systems. A fault or glitch in any of these systems can cause related issues of the body and the mind. One of the most crucial part of the body that must be protected and taken care of is our eyes. Eyes are sensitive and critical to human experiences. A lot of ailments can have an adverse effect on our eyesight. For e.g. Diabetes can cause diabetic retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma, etc. It is thus important to be aware of our body functions in order to protect our eyesight.

If you know of anyone with Diabetes, then here are some tips on how to prevent damage to the eyes and protect your vision.

1. Keep your blood sugar in check

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The first and foremost preventive measure in protecting your vision is to keep your blood sugar in check. High blood sugar can affect the shape of your eyes’ lens. A sign of high blood sugar is developing blurry vision which becomes normal after your blood sugar normalises. Another consequence of high blood sugar is also damage caused to blood vessels in the optics area. It is thus critically important to keep a regular check on your blood sugar levels.

2. Get a comprehensive eye check-up annually

Diabetic retinopathy is not detected at an early stage of diabetes. It is important that if you have been diagnosed with diabetes then you get a regular, comprehensive eye check-up from the best eye specialist in Mumbai. This practice allows the doctor to observe and compare the development of the damage, if any, and start the treatment at the earliest. Patient with Diabetic Retinopathy condition should get eyes checked frequently at 3-6 months.

3. Exercise Regularly

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Exercising regularly helps in regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Working out also increases the level of oxygen in the blood, leading to healthier blood vessels. It doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy, weight-lifting exercise; simply doing cardio workout like brisk walking or jogging is also good to stay healthy.

4. Keep a close eye on your blood pressure, cholesterol, homocysteine and haemoglobin levels

Both, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can put you at a greater risk of developing eye-related ailments and diseases if it’s not kept in check. Make sure you fix an appointment with the best eye specialist in Mumbai to keep a close tab on your blood pressure and cholesterol and how it is affecting your eyesight.

5. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol

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Smoking and drinking are known to have dreadful consequences in the long run for anyone, whether they are diabetic or not. However, a person with diabetes indulging in both these habits can result in rapid damage to eyesight. It is advisable for a person with diabetes to quit smoking and drinking immediately in order to protect their vision from deteriorating.

Our blood sugar levels are crucial to the optimal functioning of the brain. While these tips are merely preventive measures to prevent damage to eyesight for people with diabetes, it is important to consult the best eye specialist in Mumbai to keep your eyesight in check and healthy.