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How to protect your eyes during COVID-19

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One needs to understand the effects Covid-19 has on various body parts and how one can protect itself and their health from the deadly virus. A tiny part that needs to be taken extra care in this period is - eye. How does this virus affect your vision? We sure have the answer to that and also, how you can protect it.

How can the virus affect your eyes?

You must be aware that Covid-19 spreads through mouth and nose. When a covid affected person sneezes, coughs or even talks, the virus particles spread through their nose and mouth. But most people have no idea that they can be infected if these tiny droplets enter through their eyes. This is possible if you touch something that was infected before and later touch your eyes as well.

Once it spreads through the eyes, it causes pink eye infection. Simply call your ophthalmologist and talk about your condition.

How to protect your eyes during Covid-19 ?

Covering your mouth, nose and eyes can reduce the risk of the virus infecting you. Here are some ways you can protect your eyes and health during this period.

Kenia Eye Hospital

1. Avoid Contact Lenses.

Contact lenses do no spread the virus but it is still advisable to avoid it and rather switch to glasses. Contact lenses make you touch your eyes constantly while glasses doesn’t allow this and also helps in decreasing irritation.

Furthermore, glasses can be used as a shield for the eye’s protection. If you are around a covid patient, these safety goggles protect you stronger and better than lenses.

2. Collect eye medicine prescriptions.

If your eye treatment majorly depends upon the prescribed medications, then collect the medicine before and keep it at stock for timely needs. This is not possible for everyone. Urgent cases require stocking of medicines. Get in touch with your eye doctor and get correct prescriptions and note the number of days for the medicines. Don't forget to refill the medicine if needed.

3. Do not rub your eyes.

This natural habit might lead your eyes towards infection and furthermore the virus. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Use tissue paper or napkin instead of your finger if you feel an urge to rub your eyes. Keep your eyes moisturize with eye drops to avoid dry eyes and rubbing. Do not touch your eyes frequently, if there is a need to do so, make sure you wash your hands before you touch your face and eyes.

Kenia Eye Hospital

4. Practice social distancing.

The very important and needful step to be taken is to follow social distancing. Stay at home. Wear a mask if it is urgent to go outside. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after you come home or even if you stay in, make it a point to follow the steps and maintain the hygiene.

If you feel any sign of discomfort or itchiness in your eyes, contact your eye doctor and follow his advice immediately.

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