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The first step towards deciding on LASIK begins w.ith a detailed eye examination in which we evaluate your corneal thickness, integrity and overall eye health. All of this information will be assessed and discussed with you. The ultimate decision as to the safest and best procedure for your specific visual situation will be discussed & decided with you by the eye surgeon.

Your comprehensive eye examination would consist of

  • Detailed eye refraction - Assessing your spectacle numbers.
  • Corneal topography and aberrometry with OPD-Scan III which is faster, more accurate, and more User-friendly but gives simultaneous data information about your optical aberrations end curvature of the eye. First of its kind in India to have this kind of Simultaneous corneal data analysis.
  • OCT - Cornea - To assess the pan cornea thickness (Pachymetry) and gives cross section slices of the cornea for pre - lasik assessment and Keratoconus screening.
  • Scheimflug imaging (Pentacam) of the anterior segment. Pentacam - This is a device that digitally maps the topography and elevation maps of front & back surface of the cornea to define its curves and irregularities. Necessary for planning both laser vision correction, the pentacam measures corneal thickness and how steep or flat the cornea is. Most superior machine available today to detect early or subclinical Keratoconus and non - suitable cornea for LASIK.

After the detailed assessment of yours eye. Data is analyzed to decide for the type of LASIK treatment.

  • Optimized Aspheric Treatment (OATz)
  • Customized Aspheric Treatment (CATz) - Wavefront guided
  • Topo guided customized treatment (OPD - CAT) - Topography guided

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