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Types of Lasik

Conventional LASIK Surgery

It corrects only spectacle number but does not correct any other distortion.

Optimized LASIK Surgery

It corrects spectacle number and optimized correction of distortions to maintain a prolate natural like cornea, thus giving better vision at night and dim illumination.

Wavefront-optimized LASIK, is an enhanced version of conventional LASIK. It does not address pre-operative HOAs, but the laser ablation is adjusted, based on the patient's eyeglasses prescription, to minimize any increase in spherical aberration induced by the treatment.

So whereas the goal of wavefront-guided LASIK is to identify and treat multiple HOAs (including spherical aberration) and refractive error during the corneal reshaping of the eye, the goal of wavefront-optimized LASIK is only to limit any increase in spherical aberration during the treatment of refractive error by the laser.

Customized LASIK Surgery

It corrects spectacle number and the optical distortion. These distortions are measured in a wave form with a aberrometer which is extremely precise. Individualised customized wavefront guided vision correction outcomes avhieved are far superior then conventional or optimized lasik surgery.

Custom LASIK has become the most common vision correction procedure performed in the United States. The acceptance of Custom LASIK by patients and eye care professionals is due to rapid visual recovery, excellent visual results, and increased safety. When performed by Dr.Kenia the Custom LASIK procedure for both eyes takes approximately 15 minutes!

NIDEK Technology

NIDEK carries a wide array of diagnostic cameras designed to match to the needs of the eye-care industry - including fundus images, confocal microscopes, microperimeters, ultrasound scanners, and corneal topographers. As with all of our products, NIDEK diagnostic cameras are backed by our professional customer-support team.

Noted for reliability and ease-of-use, NIDEK's high-quality ophthalmic lasers are designed for accuracy and assured patient outcome. These state-of-the-art devices incorporate the latest in innovative technology, including many features absent from other brands. In addition, many of NIDEK ophthalmic lasers offer a path for upgrading to the latest models, keeping you on the cutting edge both today and in the future.

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